10 Things To Do On Raksha Bandhan Festival

Things To Do On Raksha Bandhan Festival: – Raksha Bandhan celebrates one of the most precious relationships in the world – Brother-Sister relationship. Known for the kind of love which is mixed with a lot of fights at a lot of times, the brother-sister duo shares the kind of relationship which is incomparable with any other relationship. However since Rakshya Bandhan started off in an extremely patriarchal society, it follows that brothers are entitled to protect their sister at all odds and the Rakhi is a symbol of the promise to protect her making it slightly sexist.  Nevertheless, at present people overlook the sexism and instead rejoice in the fun part of the festival where it all about appreciating each other.


1. Celebrate the Rakhi festival in a traditional way

You can always be a little tradition at times. (Tip101: You can get some great Instagram-worthy pictures.) Have a good bath with oil massage like the good old traditional way, go visit a nearby temple and decorate your Puja thali yourselves, after all, traditions have to be preserved and passed down to the future generation. Also, following rituals keep our parents satisfied during the festival.

Rakhi Raksha Bandhan festival of hindu , brother sister festival

Rakhi Raksha Bandhan festival of hindu, brother sister festival


2. Make DIY greeting cards for each other

Even though many people undervalue greeting cards as opposed to any kinds of gifts, let alone the expensive fancy ones, greeting cards can form one of the most cherished memoirs. Additionally, if greeting cards are not just bought from the stores but handmade and personalized then the value of the greeting cards increase exponentially. That is this Rakhi show your siblings your love and thoughts through a handmade greeting card. Put some effort into making one of the best Rakhi cards ever. Here are some of the links for DIY tutorials:


3. Prepare a personalized surprise for each other

Having to know your sister for a long time, you know what they like and what they don’t like. Therefore this Rakhi doesn’t around ask what they need as their Rakhi gifts instead plan a surprise for them. Not all surprises have to expensive; it is the effort that makes surprises special so give attention to all your childhood memories while planning every single small detail of the surprise and there you will have the best surprise for your sister.

happy raksha bandhan greeting wishing cards

happy raksha bandhan greeting wishing cards

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