Things to do on Raksha Bandhan for your sister

Things to Do on Raksha Bandhan for Your Sister: – We are very familiar with Raksha Bandhan, we have been performing this significant day since our childhood. It is the bond of protection. We celebrate this festival for the love and duty between brothers and sisters.


The relation of brother and sister is the most graceful relationship in the world. You both are best friends, the second parent, theorist and guide to each other. Together you share silly fights, crime partners and most of all the love and bonds.

Rakhi Raksha Bandhan festival of hindu , brother sister festival

Rakhi Raksha Bandhan festival of hindu, brother sister festival


Remember those fights to get remote of the T.V. you make her sign the father’s signature in your notebook, the struggle of getting more attention of mom and dad. You made her cry saying that she is adopted. Who used to open the door at late nights after coming back from the party?  Now, this is the day of payback, make her feel special like none other days, this is the day you can express your feelings to her about how lucky you are to have her as a sister in your life.

We took a time to collect some things that you can do on Raksha Bandhan for your sister to make her feel special.


9 Things to Do on Raksha Bandhan for Your Sister

1. Write a heartfelt note

We usually depend upon emojis to express our feelings. We all have distanced relationship due to the lack of personal connection. In this age of technology, if you wrote a heartfelt note for your little princess telling how much do you love her and how much do you care for her, she will be surely touched. I know we boys are very lazy doing these kinds of things but remember how did she complete your notes, your home works. She rescues you from being punished all the time. And also remember you promised her to make happy, so why not? What is the problem in penning down your feelings for her?

2. Cook for her

And again it’s the toughest work for you right? You don’t know how to cook. But you know what her favorite food is. Ask mother for help, even if your cooking doesn’t taste good but the hard work and your love for her will make it tasty. She will be surprised to eat food cooked by you. Yes, guys happiness lies on small things.

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3. Sing a song for her

Maybe you are a bathroom singer. But when you sing the song for her expressing your feelings, her tears will surely roll down from her eyes.Or she may laugh hilariously that depends upon you.

4. A sweet surprise

Girls love the sweets. They love when somebody gifts them sweets. Exhibit your sweets treats to your sister. You can opt for the tempting sweet combo. You can wrap the sweets I your own personal way, attach some cards and give it to her.

5. Shopping Clothes and Shoes

Girls love shopping very much. Buy her new clothes, I suggest you let them choose themselves or get a help from a lady because they are so much choosy. Though it is a common trend at least she will be happy.

6. Ice Cream

Remember those good old days, when you and your sister fight for just a cone of ice-cream. So get her into a cream shop and buy her favorite flavor of ice-cream. And talk about those days when you both eat ice cream so dirtily.

But buying the gifts for each other is an old tradition. I think there are some better ways to make your sister happy. Here are some ways to make your sister happy, hope this will help you.

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7. Take your sibling for a vacation or trip

Usually, in our daily life, we were all so busy that we have lesser time to spend with our siblings. Some of us live far away from home due to our job, meetings, college, schools etc. This significant day which is Rasha Bandhan day comes in a year. So forget all the stress, all the work, go on a vacation, and take a leave of short days from your offices and schools. If your siblings are crazy then I would be more fun. Visit new places, try the new and good food. Go for swimming, go to the park and play and recall old memories. Once you go on a trip with your siblings you can do anything you like and live the moment in a crazy and freaky way.

8. Go to Amusement Park

In all those good old days, we all used to swing on different rides during our childhood. It would be wonderful to recollect those memories and relive those days. You may have visited the children’s park where you used to go as kids and do all those crazy stuff. It already sounds interesting, isn’t it? It is the best day and best place to spend with your siblings and has tremendous fun.

9. Playing old games

We all spend our best days of life by playing various kinds of game. Games like hide and seek, cricket match with our families, carom board, cards and other many games, are the best part of our life where we enjoy a lot. But as the time passes we grow up and became mature, I started doing jobs, started being serious about studies, serious about our future and dreams. And leave those best moments and much more things behind. It’s good to be serious about future and all those dreams, but what would be destroyed if you recall and play all those old games for just a one day? Nothing, right? We all have that much time once in a year. So on that day gather the families and siblings, play as much as a game as you like. I bet you’ll surely remember all those memories and the fun in it. And when the days’ end and all of us will be busy in our own lives, these days will put a smile on your face when you feel alone or stressed.

Your sister is you best friend and the second parent so make her feel special, remember those finest days and ask yourself if she hadn’t been there will it still be the same?  You will never have the good days without her. Best Of luck to all of you guys make her feel special, Hope this will help you. Thank you for your patience

Article by Pawan Maskey

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