Things to do on Raksha Bandhan for your brother

Things to Do on Raksha Bandhan for Your Brother: – As we all know Raksha Bandhan is the festival of Brother and Sister. On this significant occasion, sister ties up the holy and decorative fibril on the wrist of her brother. The thread is a defense band among the brothers and sisters. The brother takes a vow to shield up her sister against all the bad deeds. The brothers and sister gift each other.


Fiesta bells booming in your head already!! As per the trend usually brothers gifts her sister, why not switch the trend this time. Let the sister do something to make this special occasion even more significant for their brother, who has been demanding hard to get the girls best gift after all these years. On this article, we have collected a list of some unexpected surprise.

7 Things to Do on Raksha Bandhan for Your Brother

1. A PlayStation

Without exception, guys inattentive of the age is a video game weirdo. Nothing in the world makes them happier except the Games. Without tiredness, they can play the whole season of the game if they have to. If your brother is also a gamer then this could be the finest idea. There are various kinds of PlayStation available in the market various through their price. If it is of higher price then you don’t have to worry, just get him a CD of his favorite game series.


2. Bikes!!

All the boys are crazy for bikes. Now don’t be shocked, thinking how could you manage the money for that. You don’t have to buy it yourself, many of you have already heard the discussion between your brother and your parents for the bike, and somehow parents rejected to buy it. Now it’s the time to help him to buy the bike, I could be in the form of permission from parents. In most of the families, Parents usually listen to their daughters, so convince your family and parents to get him a bike as like it is necessary for the home purpose. If this idea works and your family got ready to get him one than your brother will treat you like a princess.

3. Gadgets

Yes, the tech gadgets are life for the boys, they are the tech freaks not matter if they are the child or grown up. As shopping clothes and shoes are cherished for girls, similarly getting gadgets like Xbox, phones, iPod’s, I-Pad and notebooks energize the men or the boys. In order to boost the happiness computation of your brother, you could arrange to buy these exciting products online or from the market. Their happiness is stored on just a box.



4. Plan a tour or trip

Both boys and girls love to travel and discover new places. You can make a plan with your siblings for a trip. This would help him to refresh his mind and add that day to the memorable ones.

road trip travel

road trip travel

Well, these are some of the things that you can do for your brother and sisters but wait, not all the happiness hide behind those expensive bikes, gadgets, trips and play station. The happiness also lies in the small things. Here are some things you can do with your siblings which will just cost you a time and it will surely bring your and your siblings a real happiness because some people know to be happy in little things.

5. Day out with brother and family

One of the great ways to perform traditional ceremonies and to welcome modern ways, picnics is an extreme way. Organize a fine picnic on the finest place with your family and siblings. Eat together, crack jokes, talk about old happy days, and go for swimming if there is swimming area nearby. Forget all the stress and enjoy all the day, at the end of the day have the Rakhi tying ceremony.

6. Re-live your childhood days

Every sibling has their own reasons to fight for. Do you remember the days fighting for the swing, fighting for the one who is mommy’s favorite? Fighting for the T.V remote, fighting to use the bathroom at the same time. These small things that you’ve done during childhood never come back but you can recall those special memories and have a smile on your face. Go to the peaceful and greenery places without your phone and have a long chit chat. Or sit in front of parents and asking about who was good in time of childhood. Yes, we all are grown up, everyone is busy with their own stuff but get one full day in the name of those childhood memories. This is not only for girls or boys, this is for both. Try this once I guarantee you that you’ll have finest feelings in the whole world. I, myself tried this and trust me I couldn’t be happier than that.

7. Play old games

Remember all those game which we used to play when we are in the best days of our life? As we grow up we play very least game and even rarely because we all were running after something. Running for wealth, running for goals and all those dreams in which we promised to live happily but we leave behind much more things. So this is the day to recall, relive your best days of life. Forget all the things, all the goals, all the dreams for one day and live it wild and free just for one day. Is nothing destroyed in one day eh? Those games like hiding and seek, cards, carom board and all those games which make us happy, play it have fun with families. None like other days you will have matches girls vs. boys that will be tremendous fun days spent with the loved ones.

Best wishes for the sisters who are taking a step ahead to thank their brothers enough and make them feel special like they always do. Someone said that it’s better to have a brother than to have a superhero in your life. So express this tremendous love for your brother on this significant day. Feel very lucky to have the brother in your life. Some brothers and sister are not by blood but by their bonds and loves. Shout out for this pure and significant relation, God has ever gifted. And thanks to all those religions for providing this special day to celebrate joys and happiness and to share the bond and love.

Article by Pawan Maskey

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