10 return gifts for brother on Rakhi

Rakhi is right around the corner and we can feel the environment for love and affection for our brothers and sisters. The time of the year is treasured always. You thinking of return gifting your brother but you have no idea? Well, we got the answer for you to choose. But remember, love is what you should really give- no maternal stuff will rank your order. Below is the list of Return Gifts for your Brother.


  1. Watches:

    gifts for your brother

    Watches- gifts for your brother

The best and classy return gift would obviously be watching.

Easy to find and loved by everybody. Watches are my all of favorite gift for any occasions. It is like I can wear the watch of any kinds.You can get good watches in your budget as well. If your brother is an unconditional fan of any football club, then you can buy him a club watch. Go with strap watches or metal body watches for your brother and surprise him with your gift. You can shop for watches at any online stores available. There are bigger deals on such occasions where you can get discounts and with the saved money you can buy yourself something as well. There are various brands and designs upcoming for watches. Do look at what your brother prefers rather than the ongoing trends. Your brother will be shocked to see that you got him a watch as a return gift.



gifts for your brother

Gadgets- gifts for your brother



Now, this is something I wrote out of the blue. Return gift is supposed to economical and not over the top but if your brother loves gadgets and you are an earning sister, give it a try. The perfect combo for every man in this world. If you want your brother to go wow on this Rakhi, make sure you buy him the latest gadget. If you are unknown about the trends in the technology field then do take help from your friends who can sometimes come in handy and tell you about the birth of gadgets to any updates coming. Plus, you should remember that you are not competing and you should do what you can. After all, it is an occasion of showing love and respect so you can get him the minimal and lots of love of course. Go surprise and shower him with love.

3.Personal kits:

gifts for your brother

Shaver-gifts for your brother

Sisters are here to save or shave you. The men tend to grow hair and completely forget on grooming them. I mean, you do not want a jungle on your face, right? At least be decent enough to show 30% of your face. Girls, here is what you can do. Groom!! Yes, there is various range on grooming sets which is brought by different companies out there A little cut here and there and bam you look fresh as a virgin mojito. *Kidding*. If you are low on budget you still can gift your brother the grooming set. The grooming set might cost you around Rupees 700 or less. So you better start saving them money. You can also see some options online to see if that matches your budget.


wallets - raksha bandhan rakhi gifts for brother

wallets – Raksha Bandhan rakhi gifts for brother

Stylish, elegant and yet simple, a wallet as a return gift serves all of these. The burden is when you are always low on cash and you have gifted the best wallet. I have been there. Always. Sisters, the best gift as per my opinion are wallets. They are really cool and really helpful and that will be a reminder to your brother that she should start saving for you too. On a point, I do not know how to choose a perfect wallet so you will not get any help here on how to choose the wallets. But you can always choose your friends for the help. Wallets can range from Rupees 2000 and plus. You can get good brands in the supermarkets around you. Check online to see what range a wallet can be bought.


shooes - raksha bandhan rakhi gifts for brother

shoes – Raksha Bandhan rakhi gifts for brother

Shoes!!! If you notice that the shoes men wear are so expensive but they go a long way. Buying shoes is not a difficult task I guess. Look at what your brother wears and you can buy him the similar ones or if you want him to change the shoes, you can always choose your style. Sports shoes are always the best because they match with almost all the outfits. They can be used for anything. There are various styles and design you can find these days.

Also, the Nepali brands are taking the hype and producing the best shoes at the affordable cost so buying them would not be a problem. You can also check out the outlets of Ktm city who brings out amazing sales every time. So you have a nice, quality brand at an affordable cost. If you look at my suggestions, I prefer going for Nepali brands like Shikhar shoes, they have awesome collections of shoes. You can check them out in your local stores as well.


gifts for your brother

Perfumes- gifts for your brother

It is summer and hot as hell here in Kathmandu. If you have no idea what your brother really wants and what he should be gifted, then perfumes are the best options. You can shop for perfumes at any local or supermarkets. Watch carefully at the products your brother uses and give him the exact same perfume or if you want to give him the perfume of your choice, then you can choose your own product. He uses it anyways. The perfume won’t cost you much and are really economical. So if you want to gift him a return gift, perfume is another option you have.

7.Dry fruits:

gifts for your brother

Dry Fruits-gifts for your brother

Forget clothes, gadgets, and watches, dry fruit is the kind of gifts. Traditionally giving dry fruits is considered good as well. And that is the reason the sisters give it as Bhai masala on Tihar. Now you now! If your brother is living far away from you and he does not care about the other fancy stuff, the dry fruits are here to save your day. When your brother is living away from the home, he won’t eat at the time, he shall rarely cook or will stay hungry if feels so. So you can give him lots of dry fruits which are easily available near you. They are not expensive, well not more than your brother’s health. When he does not feel like cooking or doing something, he can eat them and get those calories range up and stay fit.


gifts for your brother

Chocolates- gifts for your brother

Who does not love chocolates and who would even say no to them? Giving chocolates are the easiest gift you can give and the other person is happy as well. You can mix varieties of chocolates and give it to them at once. If your brother is the chocolate junkie, then you can benefit from it as well. After all, he is not going to eat it alone and he will share it with you. So that will be like giving as a gift and receiving the return gift as well. Make sure you choose your favorites as well because you do not want to miss the chance to take it when he shares.

9. DIY

gifts for your brother

DIY- gifts for your brother

This is to a point when you have literally no money and you feel sad that you couldn’t get a single gift. Well, here is what you can do for her. You can do it herself. You can make cards and even scrapbooks if you really have that enthusiasm with you. Making stuff is not an easy job so you have to start doing it a few days earlier. When you finally make something for her, she will be more than happy to see the love and care you put for her. The tutorials can be found on YouTube easily. So have fun making one. You choose varieties of options to gift your brother. Not all brothers like maternal stuff, they are happy to see that their sister is trying her best to gift him something. You can DIY cards, scrapbooks, room decors and so many stuff.


gifts for your brother

Jersey- gifts for your brother

The last option to think about as a return gift is sports kit or the jersey. The sports worm will always be a man. No matter where you are and whatever you are doing, they will never miss out their favorite game. Football, cricket and basketball you name it. So you can buy sports kits which are available in new road and other roads as well. But when you buying a whole kit, it will be quite expensive. So what you can do is buy jersey which is easily available and much cheaper than the sports kit. The jersey will cost you around three thousands of best quality. So make sure you know his favorite club and you get him his favorite jersey.

So that’s it for now. These are the few items you can look up to for Your Brother and get him the best return gift. Make sure to comment and follow us on the Facebook page and support us.

Article by Susan Basel


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