Best Return Gift For Your Sister on This Rakhi Festival

I have never taken as the return gift from my brother and I have not given one yet. Is it even important? Yes, I think so. Your sibling has tried so much, it is your turn to gift something back. The festive of RakshaBandhan should not be about gifts and money, it should be about love and respect and care of course. If your brother or sister has brought something for you, you should be generous enough to gift them something.


I do not consider gifting and return gifting a compulsory option, but love is what we should exchange. Gifting your sister can be really hard because you might have a big dilemma, what she exactly likes and how should you get there to get her the best return gift. Well, have no fear because we are right here to help.

Best Return Gift For Your Sister

  1. Bags:

    Return Gift for Sister


Happy bags, happy sister. The best return gift for your sister will be a perfect bag for her. If you have no options left on what to give your sister this Rakhi but you do want to gift her a good gift, then the bag is the answer for you.  And the good news is you do not have to be an expert to buy this. You can find varieties of bags in the store. Yes, bags can be expensive but not too much. If you have a good saving of 2 thousand, then you can buy her a good one.


The best way to do is ask her, the favorite color or you can see what she is actually carrying for her daily use. if she is a student who has to go to the college, buy her a big bag so she can carry her books with her. if she carries bag occasionally then you can choose medium size bag. These days, you can also find a bag which comes with a small pouch inside. She can use that for daily use as well. So have fun buying her a good bag so that she can remember how much you love her. So when she gives you her gift, surprise her with yours.

  1. Makeup kits:

    Return Gift for Sister

    Makeup Kits- Return Gift for Sister

She is going to love when you gift her makeup kits rather than any other gifts. For this, you need to have a friend who is much of an expert because you need to select the right item for your sister. And if you get her a bad one, then she might not even bother to use it. So get her the perfect shades of foundation and the right color of lipsticks. And please do not take these kits lightly, you want them to know that you care about all these stuff and you are trying to tell them that you have noticed everything and finally managed to get her the right kit.


Buying a whole kit which might consist of foundations, highlighters, blushers, lipsticks, eye liner and god knows what else, it might cost you a huge amount. These are not cheap as you guys might think. It might cost you above 2500 rupees and if you go for more items, then the price increases as so. But do not bother on how much will it cost, you want her to stay happy and that’s how it should be.

  1. Perfume:

    Return Gift for Sister

    Return Gift for Sister- Perfume

After all this writing about gifts and stuff, I finally came to know about perfume. No, not the first time I have heard of it. But the idea of gifting perfume for your sister. Perfume is quite expensive if you go choose a brand but if you go for Indian perfumes or does, you will fit right into the budget. It won’t cost you more than 300 rupees if you opt for deodorants. Since the summer is still running and the temperature has certainly risen up, gift her a refreshing duo. She will certainly be happy and love your return gift.

  1. Shoes:

    Gifts For your Sister

    Shoes-Return Gift for Sister

Lets’ get those shoes right on the track. Shoes!!! I can shout much as I can to see if my brother has brought me the shoes of his choice. Return gifts are actually fun when you are the person getting it. Look at what your sister, generally wears and you can buy her the similar ones or if you want her to change the shoes, you can always choose your style. Sports shoes are always the best because they match with almost all the outfits. They can be used for anything. There are also flat shoes which are used on regular basis. Also, there are high heels which are also called party shoes which are quite fancy.

If you go for the flat shoes, they will be available in less than rupees 1000 but when you choose the fancy ones, they will obviously be higher in price.There are various styles and design you can find these days. Also, the Nepali brands are taking the hype and producing the best shoes at an affordable cost so buying them would not be a problem. You can also check out the outlets of Ktm city who brings out amazing sales every time. So you have a nice, quality brand at an affordable cost. Surprise and spoil your sister with gifts before anyone does it.

  1. Soft toys:

    Gifts For your Sister

    Soft Toys-Return Gift for Sister

The simplest and the easiest thing to gift is the soft toys. The combination is made perfect – Girls and soft toys. They live forever. Yes, most of the girls are happy when she gets a huge soft toy which is twice as big as her. It will cost you around 3 thousand if you are lucky enough to find out. But it is not necessary that you gift her the giant toys, you can also gift her the small ones which she can sleep with. And if your sister is a small child, then there are various types of dolls you can buy which is available in stores near you. If you look at my suggestion, there are tons of choices when you visit such stores, buy her a small toy because it is a return gift and you certainly don’t want to overboard with it.

  1. Watches:

    Return Gift for Sister

    Watches-Return Gift for Sister

The best return gift to give someone is the time- so think about getting a watch for her. Watches are my all of favorite gift for any occasions. And today, I had to do researches on how much does a good quality watch really cost? And that is how I found that a good quality, good designed watch cost around 2800 rupees and if you are good at bargaining you can get that for approx. 1500 or even less. But to generalize watches ranges from Rupees 1000 and above. You can get good watches in your budget as well. Please do not choose any pinkish or hello kitty watches because sisters do not like that kind of stuff, these days. Go with strap watches or metal body watches for your sister and surprise her with your gift.

You can shop for watches at any online stores available. There are bigger deals on such occasions where you can get discounts and with the saved money you can buy yourself something as well. There are various brands and designs upcoming for watches. Do look at what your sister prefers rather than the on-going trends because not all trends are liked by everybody.

  1. Supplements:

    Return Gift for Sister

    Supplements-Return Gift for Sister

And I know this does not sound fancy at all but this will be the best gift one can gift to other. Supplements like vitamin A, Vitamin B are easily available in the market. If you search for wholesales, you can get these supplements for 1 thousand rupees only which consists of 1000 capsules. These will not only be a return gift but also a way to tell your sister that you care for her more than anything else. She might be reluctant at first but she will eventually understand the true meaning of these gifts than any other commercialized gift.

  1. Accessories:

    Return Gift for Sister


The other best return gift would always be accessories. Now I am not going to blabber about the accessories because I really do not know anything about it. But I do know is that accessories are taking much of a hype in the market. The accessories stuff includes ear rings, finger rings, neckpiece, anklets and much more. Gosh, I cannot even think of one at the moment because I do not lose much of them. But I have seen people- girls wearing much of the accessories and killing the look. You can frankly ask your sister on this because there are so much and you can choose one wisely. So it will be better if you just ask her on what she wants.

  1. Chocolates :

    Return Gift for Sister


Even if you did not have any time to buy her any return gifts, chocolates are the best choice. These are easily available, not too much costly and always brings happiness to other’s face. It shows your appreciation and love towards your sister. Who does not love chocolates and who would even say no to them? Giving chocolates are the easiest gift you can give and the other person is happy as well. You can mix varieties of chocolates and give it to them at once. Share chocolates and eat them with family, that’s how love grows.

  1. Cards:

    Return Gift for Sister

    Greeting Cards

If you have a card store right next to your house, then why think about more stuff? Cards are the way of showing that you love them and the emotions which you could not bring to words were brought by the cards you give. And yes, if you do not have any stores nearby and you forgot about buying one, then make one yourself. You can do it herself. You can make cards and even scrapbooks if you really have that enthusiasm with you. Making stuff is not an easy job so you have to start doing it a few days earlier. When you finally make something for her, she will be more than happy to see the love and care you put for her. The tutorials can be found on YouTube easily. So have fun making one.

Article by Susan Basel

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