Rakhi Thali Decoration Ideas

Rakhi Thali Decoration Ideas: – Are you confused about how to decorate Rakhi Thali? Then this idea may be helpful to you. This article is worth reading. Traditionally the Rakhi Thali is the same as the Thali for the puja of their deities. The traditional Rakhi Thali contains a diyo, roli or Tika, rice, fruits, sandalwood, and incense wood. In the Rakshya bandana Thali, the rakhis are set aside with the moli.


These years here are a bundle of variations of the Rakhi Thali accessible in the bazaar The Thali could be of silver or any plain steel. They may have permanent containers plus stands for the variety of components of the puja or have incense wood stands and diyas, containers for rice plus roli with a position to carry sweets.

You can innovate your own way of decorating the Rakhi Thali. Brass or silver or silver plated Rakhi Thali is considered most fortunate. One of the prerequisites is drawing a Swastik in the middle of the Rakhi Thali, the symbol of Lord Ganesh. You need three tiny containers for roli, rice and water, a diyo and an incense stick stand. Rakhi and flowers can be places in the Thali itself and sweets can accompany in a separate plate.


You can use Beatle leaves as a replacement of the containers. Beatle leaves are considered auspicious.


You can put a banana leaf on ordinary Thali to give it a festive look and arrange the puja ingredients on the banana leaf.

You may decorate the Rakhi Thali with a yellow or red cotton bandana cloth and decorate with Golden lace or moli. Take care that diyo and the burning incense sticks don’t come in direct contact with the cloth.

Make a sacred aura by insertion a jute mat with asans plus arrange your things on it. It is up to one’s own imagination and the traditional perspectives to decorate the Rakhi Thali and perform the ceremony. Be your innovative self and enjoy the auspices of the day.

Rakhi Thali Decoration Idea with Sandalwood:

Rakhi thali decoration Ideas

Rakhi Thali

1. Swab sandalwood pastes with water over entire Thali. After it is dry, make an auspicious Swastika with Roli (Red Kumkum) at the center of Thali.

2. Beautify the space stuck between the Swastik’s by means of yellow petals of the marigold flower also the whole swastika by a border of rose petals.

3. Beautify the Thali edging with satin and beads.

4. Put beetle leaf at the middle and on 4 sides of the Thali. Place roli, Rakhi asks hat plus sweets resting on all 4 beetle leaves. Place the diyo on the center beetle leaf.

5. Beautify the space stuck between the beetle leaves by means of dry fruits.

6. Your Thali is prepared for Rakhi tying ritual.

Writer: Saugat Jung Thapa

Rakhi Thali Decoration Ideas