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Rakshya Bandana is celebrated on Shrawan Purnima – the auspicious day while Yamuna – the River Goddess – tied ‘thread’ on her brother’s wrist and granted him immortality. Her brothers Yama – the God of loss of life – changed into so touched via her gesture that he extended the boon to all brothers whose sisters tie Rakhi’s on their wrists and pray for their lengthy existence on this day.



Once more, it becomes Shrawan Purnima whilst Goddess Laxmi tied the sacred thread to Raja Bali and prayed for his long life, accurate fitness, and top fortune. Later, she revealed her identification to Raja Bali, who asked her what she desired as a Rakhi return present. She asked Bali to launch her husband – Lord Narayan – from his commitment to being the bodyguard of Bali for all time. Bali acquiesced and liberated Narayan on the cost of his personal protection. Goddess Laxmi blessed him.

Rakhi Raksha Bandhan festival of hindu , brother sister festival

Rakhi Raksha Bandhan festival of Hindu, brother-sister festival


Seeing that then, sisters tie Rakhi at the wrists in their brothers and pay for his or her lengthy lifestyles and precise fortune. Here is the proper Rakshya Bandana puja procedure to celebrate the occasion:-

  • On the day of Raksha Bandana, all circle of relatives participants needs to get up early, perform morning chores and take an early bath. All brothers and sisters dress up for the event in new but conventional dresses. Ladies and women usually put on lehengas, kurta and sari are even as boys and guys normally wear kurta-pajamas or dhoti-kurta.
how to do rakhi pooja

rakhi pooja thali

  • Each brother and sisters observe fasts till Rakhi puja is completed.
  • Womenfolk beautify Rakhi puja thalis, which are typically the product of steel, copper, brass, bronze, silver or gold.
  • Rakhi Puja Thalis have a lighted diyo, a small glass of water, few flowers, chaamal, Rakhi, coconut and sweets.
  • In lots of homes, first Rakhi is offered to Lord Ganesh or the divinity of the family unit. Girls, who don’t have brothers, also tie Rakhi’s to deities in their selection.
  • On the time of puja, brothers are made to sit on a comfy sofa, chair or a wooden seat (patra). Their heads are included with new turbans or hankie. In case, a new hankie is not on hand human beings also use the palm in their proper hand to cover up their heads as soon as sisters spot ‘tilak’ or ‘Tika’ on their forehead.
  • Before appearing the tilak, wet roli with some drops of water with a flower to make a purple paste. Tilak must constantly be achieved with the thumb of the proper hand. It must begin from the center of the eyebrows and is stretched upwards.
rakhi pooja mantra

rakhi pooja mantra

  • Then, sisters tie Rakhi on the wrists of their brother chanting the mantra:

The chant approach – “I am tying Rakshya for your hand, with which the most effective and beneficent King Bali himself changed into sure; O Raksha, don’t depart; don’t depart.”

  • Sisters, then, deliver coconut to the brothers, which they take the usage of both palms – with right hand on the pinnacle of the left hand.
  • Sisters also perform aarti in their brothers to push back evil and horrific success. They pray for his or her long life and top fortune.
  • After the puja is accomplished, sisters feed chocolates to their brothers and offer them water. Brothers, too, feed sweets to their sisters, vow to protect them and their happiness for all time and provide them Rakhi gifts in return as a token of their benefits and dedication.


In many families, sisters tie rakhis to their bhabhi’s plus pay for their safety also. When you bind Rakhi to a bhabhi’s, Rakhi Puja system remains similar, except that bhabhi’s are supplied dry coconuts in any other case gut. In turn, bhabhi’s gift coins or a integrate Rakhi present to sister-in-legal guidelines. This tradition at the start belongs to Rajasthan and is rooted in Hindu edict that better halves are the opposite halves of their husbands.



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How to Do Pooja of Raksha Bandhan
How to Do Pooja of RakshaBandhan
how to do rakhi pooja
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Pooja Vidhi of Raksha Bandhan

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How to Do Pooja of Raksha Bandhan – Ideas on Rakhi Puja Vidhi